Dental compressor


In need for a new dental compressor or other devices? Put all of your instruments and devices together in one treatment system.

Dental International offers high quality devices with build-in dental compressor to equip your dental practice. Since 1991 we have been producing easy to install treatment units for dentists that do not require a renovation.

Dental compressor as part of treatment unit

The dental compressor is part of the DSA treatment unit and brings forth dry and clean air. All complete treatment concepts have a controllable water supply system and a dental compressor. They are easy to use and to clean. Because all units can be assembled yourself, the compressors can be integrated in your ideal treatment unit. You can have all your most convenient instruments in one unique custom-made system.


All treatment units can be used directly by the dentist after we deliver, assemble and install it at your practice. Besides that, every year your device will be checked upon and maintained, so you can keep on using the dental compressor carefree. For questions or advice, please contact one of our specialists!




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