Digital X-ray


Do you want your dental practice to be up-to-date? With digital X-ray technology you can take much better X-rays in less time. Dental International at Nieuwegein believes digital is the future.

Our digital X-ray device is the perfect expansion to the dental devices at your practice. It offers a lot of benefits compared with analogue X-rays, what increases the convenience for dentist and patient. With digital X-ray, the radiation time is much shorter. In addition, you will receive faster and sharper pictures and slights modifications are possible.

Unique treatment unit

We feature a wide assortment analogue or digital X-ray devices, which can be assembled to every treatment unit. Those units are customizable as you wish, so the equipment is perfect for every dentist. The build-in water supply and compressor make a renovation of your practice unnecessary. In short, with the X-ray device and all other tools merged in one device, your work will be much easier!

Advice and information

With a digital X-ray in our treatment units you can invest in the future of your dental practice. Dental International is pleased to inform you about the options of digital X-rays. We would love to see you in our showroom soon!



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