Dr. Mach operating lights


Dr. Mach operating lights

Dr. Mach operating lights are the latest generation of medical operating lights. These lights are especially useful for applications such as jaw surgery due to their adjustable colour temperature.

A Dr. Mach light combines different coloured LEDs by means of a computer-controlled optical system with light guide and faceted lenses.  This means that the light leaves the light guide as an homogeneous white light. Colour shadows in the light beam caused by the surgeon's head, shoulder or hands are prevented thanks to the colour composition of the optical system.

The use of different coloured LEDs makes it possible to adjust the colour temperature. This means that the optimal light can be chosen for a specific type of tissue or wound field texture. This prevents eye strain and benefits the surgeon's ability to maintain concentration.

Thanks to its LED technology, the operating light is guaranteed a long life and produces minimal warmth. Dr. Mach operating lights can be mounted in many different ways and come in various different models.

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