DSA 1000 system


DSA 1000: flexible, simple and compact

The DSA 1000 unit is so compact and easy to use that it can be accommodated in any space. In addition to the DSA 1000 you can choose an operating light, suction unit, chair and cabinets to suit your needs. Just like the cabinets, the unit is mobile, making your working environment easy to arrange: flexible and simple. DSA units work on a stand-alone basis: all they need is a single power outlet and they are ready to use.

Your basic setup: The DSA 1000

The DSA 1000 is your basic setup (no turbine). It features a powerful micromotor with an adjustable speed that you can set at anywhere between 60 and 200,000 rpm. The DSA 1000 has a built-in water supply in the form of two plastic reservoirs. Each reservoir has a capacity of one litre: enough to last a whole day. What's more, you can use different liquids during your operation if desired. A small, oil-free compressor controls the water and air pressure and cools the electric micromotor in this unit.

The DSA 1000 supports up to three instruments:

  • a multi-function syringe
  • an adjustable piezoelectric scaler
  • a micromotor with adjustable speed and LED light

The DSA 1000 unit is supplied complete with no additional costs.

Your DSA 1000 treatment system

Combine your DSA 1000 treatment unit with a chair, operating light, suction unit and the right cabinets for a customised DSA 1000 treatment system. You choose how you would like to work.

Dental Stand-Alone: one power outlet is all you need

The DSA 1000 treatment system is designed to work on a stand-alone basis, just like all our other DSA units. With DSA, it's 'goodbye!' to unnecessary pipework. This simplifies the design of your practice, increases your operational reliability (especially for multi-room practices) and leads to significant savings on costs.

Would you like to know more?

There are many more advantages to working with DSA. Visit our references page to discover why 1 in 7 dentists are already working with DSA. Would you like to know what the DSA treatment system can do for you? Why not visit our showroom or take up contact with us? Call +31 30 60 36 324 or ask us your questions online.

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