DSA 2000L unit


DSA 2000L: user-friendly and flexible

User-friendly and flexible. This is undoubtedly the advantage of working with the DSA 2000L. This unit can be used for both simple and complex treatments. This basic setup is simple to use but offers you five different instruments. Just as with all our DSA treatment units, the DSA 2000L requires only one power outlet and it's ready to use.

The DSA 2000L is a flexible basic unit with a microprocessor control system and a Corian® work surface. The work surface comes in white as standard, but there are more than 80 other colours to choose from. There are two outlets for water, air and electricity to which you can easily connect external equipment.

This unit has a built-in water supply with two stainless steel reservoirs. These reservoirs are autoclavable and have a capacity of two litres. It is possible to use different liquids when performing an operation.

With this unit you have a choice of five instruments:

  • a UV light
  • a turbine (with light)
  • a multi-function syringe
  • two micromotors with adjustable speed and light
  • an adjustable piezoelectric scaler

DSA treatment system

Your DSA treatment system will be put together entirely according to your own requirements. Combine your DSA 2000L treatment unit with a chair, operating light, mobile cabinets and a suction unit for a customised DSA treatment system. You choose how you want to work: from which position and with which instruments.

Dental Stand-Alone: one power outlet is all you need

The 2000L treatment unit works on a stand-alone basis just like all our other DSA units: all you need is one power outlet and your treatment unit is ready to use. With DSA, it's 'goodbye!' to unnecessary pipework. This simplifies the design of your practice, increases your operational reliability (especially for multi-room practices) and leads to significant savings on costs.

Would you like to know more?

There are many more advantages to working with DSA. Visit our references page to discover why 1 in 7 dentists are already working with DSA. Would you like to know what the DSA treatment system can do for you? Why not visit our showroom or take up contact with us? Call +31 30 60 36 324 or ask us your questions online.

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