Legionella devices


Do you want to risk legionella contamination in your dental practice? Dental International at Nieuwegein guarantees that this bacteria will not get a chance to nest into your devices. We have a controllable water spray system which can control the quality of the water. Also thermal and chemical cleaning of the internal water system is easy. This will prevent contamination of the legionella bacteria in the pipework of your devices.

Unique treatment concept

Legionella contamination in our devices is impossible. Since 1993 we have been producing in house DSA treatment units for dentists and jaw surgeons. These treatment units can be distinguished in 3 different models, so definitely one of them fits your needs and wishes. You can control the water supply with the build-in water system. With the integrated waterworks, no pipelines need to be replaced. Off course, this provides other advantages besides legionella prevention. It is important for us that you do not need to renovate your entire practice when purchasing new equipment.

More information about legionella

Legionella bacteria will not occur in your dental devices from Dental International. For more information about our legionella prevention measures or our dental devices in general,  please contact our specialists!


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