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Dental International is your supplier for dental equipment. What makes us unique? We are the manufacturer and worldwide supplier of the Dental Stand-Alone system. The DSA treatment system comes with a controllable spray system. You control the quality of the water yourself and ensure that Legionella is never an issue in your practice. DSA treatment equipment will have you working ergonomically and efficiently in no time. What’s more, your treatment equipment requires only one power outlet, and it's ready to use. With DSA, you don’t need to install any pipework in your practice, which means significant savings in the cost of setting up your practice.

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Committed quality managers

No two practices are the same. Each user has his or her own preferences, after all. That's why with DSA you can choose between five different treatment units: from a practical basic unit to a multi-faceted whip arm unit. With all of our DSA treatment units, your operational reliability is our primary concern. Our technicians are committed to quality, from the moment that the first drafts are drawn up in the production facility and all throughout the years that you will be working with the treatment system. You choose how you want to work. We ensure that this vision is realised in as efficient and pleasant a way as possible.

The complete design and realisation of your practice

We will take care of the complete design and realisation of your practice: design, production, consultancy, technical support: we offer it all under one roof. In addition to our DSA treatment units, we have a wide range of instruments, chairs, cabinets and operating lights. We are the supplier of leading brands such as: Bien Air, Kavo, Edarredo, Astra, Melag, EMS, Faro, Tecnodent Diplomat, Sonorex, Lucas, Corian, Jorg & Sohn, Sally, BQE Dynamic, Dr Mach, Cattani, Luzziani, Medtronic, G-Comm, Satelec, Acteon, Rectus, Srab and Lysta.

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Our clients

1 in 7 Dutch dentists are already working with DSA treatment equipment. Our clients know they can count on us for large projects such as the Amsterdam Youth Dental Care Foundation (Stichting Jeugdtandverzorging) where flexibility and professionalism are of the utmost importance. But also for large, multi-room practices such as that of Dr. Fridus van der Weijden (Paro praktijk, Utrecht), where operational reliability plays a major role. You can find more examples on our references page. Are you curious to learn what we can do for you? Then call us on +31 30 60 36 324 for more information or to arrange a no-obligation appointment at our showroom.

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