Sting dentist's stools


Sting dentist's stools: the new way of sitting

Sting dentist's stools offer maximum comfort thanks to their 'saddle seat'. And their design and range of colours mean that they combine excellently with all dentist's chairs.

"Saddle seat"

This so-called 'saddle seat' promotes an optimal sitting posture and gives maximum support when sitting. The saddle shape means that your body weight is automatically more balanced, leading to a more natural and balanced sitting posture. The open hip posture that is assumed ensures that your upper legs are kept apart and that your feet are kept firmly on the ground. This ensures a more natural working position. The knees naturally assume a lower position than the hips and your feet rest evenly on the floor. This allows the lower back and upper torso to assume a relaxed posture.

Different models

The Sting dentist's stool is lightweight, comfortable and available with or without backrest. The Sting is operated by a single lever for all adjustments and its upholstery is seamless. This makes the Sting easy to keep clean.

The right stool for you

A proper working position is largely dependent on the right chair or stool. Do you work in a static or a dynamic position? Do you maintain a high or a low seated position? These are just some of the factors that can play a role. Are you still undecided as to which is the right choice of stool for you? Why not visit our showroom and discover for yourself which stool is the best fit for you?

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